Riva lands on Formula 1

Riva lands on Formula 1 as a Ferrari partner.


Riva and Ferrari, two historical brands of  “Made in Italy”, join together for a great season.


When two myths meet together, legendary histories and memorable emotions come into the world. This is what is happening in Formula 1, where Riva becomes official sponsor of Ferrari team in the World Cup 2016.


The brand symbol of the international shipping market and the single-seat car of the “Cavallino Rampante”, for the first time, are racing together on all 21 stops of Grand Prix.

The new single-seat car SF-H1 has been presented in Maranello the last 19th February and the sponsorship with Riva has become official.


The logo of Riva, with its unique aquamarine color background, will be on the helmets of the two pilots Sebastian Vetter and Kimi Raikkonen.


“One of the legend of the shipping market meets the legend of Formula 1 producing a matchless duo. A myth that meets another myth, together on racings and seas all over the world.” Says Mr.Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group. “We are very proud to write a new chapter of Riva glorious history with Ferrari, confirming a collaboration which produced in the past great results.”


The exclusive union between Riva and Ferrari is the meeting between two icons of style and technological avant-garde, exciting everyday speedboat and car racings lovers all around the world.


See you at first Grand Prix of the season, Rolex Australian Grand Prix, for a 21 weeks challenge, which will close on 27th November with the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Gran Prix, the Championship big final.